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finding the balance

August 7, 2013

This study period {or a half year semester} at Uni I am trying to find that even balance between family, studying 3 subjects, passing those subjects, house, life, friends, fitness and weight loss.

I need to do this.

Last study period I gained 3kg. That was on top of the previous 3kg, and the previous 3 and the previous 3…. where I was at goal weight or near enough, and I was fit and active. I loved it.

I loved every part – looking good in photo’s, putting on clothes that just fit – not stretching, no worry, Just fitting. Eating at gatherings was no-big-deal for I was mentally {and often literally} prepared to avoid the table and eat my own food.

Then I lost it. I know what triggered it – several small but monumental things – but I can see from that moment in my life… I started to lose a grip on what I loved.

I’ve had almost 18 months – 2 years “off”.

I am not sure when it all clicked back “On” … but it has. And its a great feeling.

This study period is all about losing one of those 3kg, and moving on losing more of them.

I do not… DO NOT…want to be a graduate teacher and be 25kg heavier than when I began Uni in 2010. I have 4 {+ this one} half year semesters left and given the previous rate of gain… that would put me back to where I began almost 7 years ago. Which is not an option in my mind. I have let the ‘rules’ of my life slide, I have eaten stuff that I swore I never would again as it is just not a food that is good for you, I have stopped doing what I grew to love.


I’m back. and I love it. Again.


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