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Gym time

July 31, 2013

All that agonising over joining that gym 6 months ago – it didnt work out all that great and I felt frustrated –  and now I’ve been at it again. Looking around, asking, wondering if I can fit it all in.

I really, really, really need to get my arse moving – to help move some of this extra weight I have gained and to aid the stellar effort I am putting into tracking! And the best way for me to move more is to be ‘locked’ into a room with others and told to move, especially when I am feeling less than fabulous.

So on chatting with my mum about the gym I would love to go to and her telling me it was very nice, and then me telling her I could not afford/ its too far away and that I will just have to put up with an inferior one and how it was not inspiring me at all- she told me to go look. Go check it out, chat to the women behind the counter  – who she said are lovely – and find out more. That perhaps it was really what I am really looking for and needing.

So I did.

And it was so very right that I signed up on the spot.

I love it. The venue. The ladies. The equipment. The change rooms {love}. The free breakfast. The free tea and coffee. The atmosphere. The vibe.

It’s everything I like about a gym and just a bit more.

And I really feel that for me to move more now I need someplace that really inspires me to go. And this is the place.

I have signed up to…


and to sweeten the deal even better-er…. the joining fee was waived, a winter packaged thrown in and my full time student status bought the weekly total down to $19.80 per week.  Fabulous!! This makes the cost around $2.00 extra a week than my original gym and cheaper than ‘that’ gym from earlier this year.

And its a gym I have longed to go to for so long, but always have put it off thinking it would cost so much money.

Fernwood2The change room, complete with hair dryers, hair straighteners, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the showers!

It’s so luxurious when compared to my last two gyms, I feel so very lucky. And I plan on making the most of my time there!


Speaking of health, check out my backward calendar now –


look at all those crosses! Each one represents a day that I have fully tracked {warts crazy pickings and all} and I am so pleased to have made the commitment! 15 days so far, and today’s will make it 16.

A mini goal is to get to 30.  It was 10, then 15 – but I have smashed all of those 🙂

phone cover2

Also I have changed the motivational saying in my phone, I was not looking at the other one anymore, so its time to make it look different to catch my eye again.

I feel so much better, and hope to feel more and more as the days go on!

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