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Art Gallery Uni excursion!

July 23, 2013

My uni intensive course is chugging along well – only 3 days left, and if I get my procrastinating little butt into gear I may just have the final assignment finished by weeks end and have nothing left to do but wait till my next 3 courses start on Monday next week 🙂

Today we explored the art gallery – a place I have not been to in YEARS – and I had a great day! I have met some really lovely people in this course {and in the Home Ec course in general really} and enjoy their company as much as they {seemingly} enjoy mine… oooh there’s that nervous teenager coming out in me again…. will they like me, will I fit in... so today in a group of 5 we wandered around looking for a common theme to make our own ‘trail’. We decided on ‘Confrontational’ – or ‘ Controversial’… as there are some really prominent pieces in the gallery at the moment that are just this… I wont post pics here, just links, as while I dont mind looking  – others may not. I’m nice like that you see….

*smiles sweetly*

horse link…

buck angel link

So we had a great day, ate at a funky little rockabilly cafe, where I again indulged in a current love – Chai latte… gosh they are good! I also had a toasted cheese, tomato and corn relish {strange combo but very nice!} sandwich, no butter and little amount of cheese. And I walked. Walked. Walked. Walked. All over the Gallery, twice, as we went back after lunch, then through Rundle Mall, and then on down to the uni – to buy horrendously priced Text Books for next week.

Then I caught the bus home and rested my weary boot wearing feet. A great day.

There will be no exercise for me today, too much to do this end of the day. I had planned on heading out as soon as J came home from work at 7am this morning but he didn’t get home till 7.45am… dissolving the 40 mins I had planned to walk. Ahh well, I think I made up for it in my walking round the city!

Now I need to turn my mind to study. Right?




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