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5 Little crosses with big meaning

July 19, 2013

There are now 5 crosses on my countdown calendar – and I am feeling pretty good.

There is something about being more organised, more focused, more healthy that really makes you me feel great! I have said no to plenty – and said ‘please dispose of those {hot chips} before I eat any more {I had 3…smaller ones… delish}‘.

I have had a busy stagnant week at Uni, which I think could be worse than being too busy – sitting on our butts for 6 hours listening to lectures makes you so damn tired due to lack of energy being used/built up… that I have found myself exhausted by 9pm.

I have tried to get out and walk this last week, but the excuses if that’s what they can will be called came along all to easily. Too wet, too cold, too tired, too busy, cant be bothered. But I have tried not to dwell on the fact I made those choices not to head out and instead headed out when I could be bothered and have indeed enjoyed it.

Tonight was such an example. It’s cold here in Adelaide, middle winter and only 6-10 deg. Brrrr. I know its nothing when compared to other countries, but its cold for here. We were sent home early from Uni at 1:30pm, so I knew that it was get home and get changed or face the slow and delightful comfy enticement of Ugg boots and PJ’s… Well the kids were excited and had made a show up with their cousins who were over for the day, the baby cousin had a dirty nappy, a letter needed to be taken to be posted, petrol bought, the kids needed to clean up the house after a full day playing and then cousins packed up and sent home. whew.

Finally, with only one child and the other happily off for a cousins sleepover, I was able to chuck on my walking gear and head be pushed out the door. At 5.15pm. The hardest thing I have done all day. It was dusk, cold and windy – and the rain looked like it was going to fall any moment.

But I got out the door.

And that is all that matters….

My timer set for 10 mins so I could turn around and be home quickly…

and I walked.

and then I turned off my timer and kept walking.

Until I was home at 6.05pm! Yah!

A 50 min walk, my nose was running but I felt warm and good.



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