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Feeling so much better now

July 17, 2013

I am two days in with my latest refreshed commitment and I feel so much better now.

I have tracked FULLY for two days, paid attention to what I am eating and have resisted chocolate even when all the planets aligned and they were $2 each and I only had $2 on me, and I was in the middle of the most boring Uni lecture I think I have ever been in…. {Nope hang on statistics won that}… but all the same I was bored, and looking for distraction and it presented itself to me in the form a very expensive chocolate bar – no-one would of known, no-one cared there what I ate….

Except for me.

I would of known. I would of cared…

….and I would of enjoyed it and felt happy.

But only for a moment. and then I would of hated myself again. 

Beginning the cycle all over again…

So I text’d J and told him that I had wanted to eat it but had walked on – and he replied with how impressed and proud he was.

And that was all I needed to get through.


My backwards calendar is working as well  – I have it pinned at eye level next to my study door which is to the right of me when I sit at my computer {which is OFTEN for Uni}, so that I can see it at all times and mainly when I leave the room… reminding myself as I walk towards the kitchen of what I have done so far and to not ruin it by standing in the kitchen munching on stuff I do not need. I like the neatness of it, I like the accountability it provides. When I was getting very close to my goal weight back in 2009 I used one most successfully, and to mark the days where I stayed on track as big crosses is a great visual at how ‘on track’ I am really am. It gives me a sense of organised satisfaction 🙂


backwards calendar1

 Backwards Calendar’s eye level positionbackwards calendar2Love seeing those crosses!


My cool inspiration cardsPhone cover

How they sit in my clear phone cover…


Well speaking of things to do with health, I need to keep on moving and go and eat some breakie, before I do raid the pantry!

I have been on a walk already today – I hopped in the with J and the kids {they are off to Monarto Zoo for the day – an open range sanctuary} and had him pull over at a certain point {it was 3.7km away from home} and I had to walk back… one way to make sure I walked 😉 It was a nice walk, and a very interesting “Conversation” podcast too! Now I need to buckle down and get my Uni work done. We are home today so that we can complete the first assignment which due tomorrow! As is the nature of an intensive course that only runs for 10days – everything is compacted –  including assignment due dates!

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