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Illness strikes

July 8, 2013

I am ill. Sick with a cold.

I had that awful two-three hour bracket yesterday when I began to feel tingly all over, my ear started to hurt and my throat was on fire. Poooooooo! Cos you just know what is coming.

Sadly we were out at my sisters house, a 45 min drive from home… so I had to endure the drive home feeling rotten wishing I was in bed….NOW…THIS VERY MINUTE……oh god why cant this trip be over.

Luckily though I had gone up in my parents car so the drive home, while long and tortuous, was something I did not have to do myself. thankgoodnessforthat!

I hit the bed, electric blanket on high, to warm up. I had a cup of tea with 1 teaspoon!!!!!! of sugar in it {I have my tea with no sugar normally} and just laid there moaning everynow and then. What a whinger!


This morning I feel a bit better, but still full of cold.

hurumph. grumble.

I will be fine though, as colds dont normally last long for me. Nor come often. Although this one haspromptly arrived because last week I bragged how I never get sick. Fucksticks.

Anyways – I need to get well STAT… as we have no kids as of 3pm this arvo, and we are doing ‘something’ to celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary…. not sure what but I hope like hell where-ever and what-ever it is has a spa bath. That’s all I ask demand….


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