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Sunny sunday morning

June 16, 2013

I am here at my desk… and this is my view – both in


and out


I would love to be out there walking, with a clear mind…but alas I have an essay to finish today {its due Thursday} and I know if I was out walking I would only be worrying how much precious time I was taking away from tough word writing. So my plan is to sit here from now 8:29am …

  finish the bugger by 5:30pm

and walk round to my parents house for a roast dinner.

A good reward, both walking and eating for finishing the damn thing.


Yesterday I took the girls to see Disney on Ice.

We had a lovely time, enjoyed the show

and the girls were lucky enough to score two new Disney Snow Cone mugs –

full of Disney Snow Cone Fun no flavour…

This year they got Pink mugs… last time we went they got the purple ones,

so now we have four of the same mugs – in two differing colours.

On the bright side, if friends come over I no longer have to hide the purple ones,

and it will be like a side show – everyone gets a mug!!


Big cheesey grins!

At least they do use those purple mugs {a lot}

and they have survived 5 years of dishwasher washing – and still look reasonably new,

so thats gotta be another bonus to owning two more!

Aimee disney

Well there was lots of grinning….

Until I said ‘No’ to a stuffed {and very strange looking} Ariel/Cinderella/Belle etc toy

The overindulged sads kicked in and we had tears.

A quick walk to the car soon had the tears stop, as there was nothing of any value to whinge and moan about in there 😉


Now I had best be off and finish my argument on the power of language in the public domain.

Have a lovely sunny day!

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