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On the go! and a weigh in….

June 8, 2013

Hi friends!

This morning I was up and ready to start work early (8am)  – kids in tow as the husband is on early shifts this week. The kids played in the awesome toy room that the WW venue has, which is very handy.

Then in was quickly into the car to drop Miss {now} 9 off to her dance lesson (10:15am), and race home for J’s mum to pick up Miss 6 and take her to a show in the city (10:30am). Miss 9 is also going to the show, but with a dance concert looming we have been asked to be at each lesson. So I am leaving in a few minutes to pick her up 10 mins early (10:50am) and drop her in at the show 10mins late (11:10am) – best compromise we could come up with to keep all parties happy.

Then I have to be back in the city (12:15) to pick them both up to go to a party (1pm).

Yowsers what a crazy morning – the things we do for kids/family/friends huh?

So while sitting here writing that I have had a brain surge – why dont I park in the city, and go for a walk in the short time between! It eliminates all sorts of travel/time/petrol dramas – and gives me a change to be out and about walking.


Win Win Win!


Righto – times up – gotta run!!!!!!!!!!!

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