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June 7, 2013

I have been trucking along quite well this week – I really felt that I was ‘at the bottom’ figuratively speaking, clothes were not fitting and I just felt like an out of control blob…. all that gave me the boost kick up the arse I needed to get back on track and continue with healthy eating and living and some moving too – before I kidded myself I was fine and ended up back where I began – which would of been heartbreaking!

Uni had weighing me down too, while the 12 weeks went by fast there is still a lot of pressure near the end as assignment intensity levels increase, and due dates for all of them are often within days of each other. The pressure really builds. But now formal teaching is over for this Study Period, and while I do still have several (4) large assignments due in 2 weeks, I dont have the continuous worry over getting readings done and attending lectures and workshops. I can concentrate on just doing those 4 assignments.

One assignment is my school placement – which is going really well. So far we have been at the school for 6 individual days, on a Thursday, and then next week we will be there for there for 4 straight days. It will be interesting to see how “working full time”** goes for myself and the family. I have already begun to prepare an extra meal or two for lunches and dinners, that will be needed to be grabbed/eaten to go onto the children next extra-curriculum activity.



My eating is so much better this week, chocolate consumption, which had reached levels so high {that I was even frightened to keep track} have been reduced down to a much tamer 1 bite sized Mars Bar and 1 Freddo frog – both ‘well done gifts’ for working well in a classroom re-enactment*** that we students were required to facilitate and undertake.

I feel so much better now I am eating better, I feel leaner already and that is such a nice feeling. Clothes are already sitting better on me, and deciding what to wear in the morning does not require quite as much heartache as it did by the end of last week.

I am tracking all my food on My Fitness Pal, and yesterday even managed to EXERCISE!

Look at me out exercising - I know, I am amazed too!

Look at me out exercising – I know, I am amazed too!

I walked home from the kids Rollerskating lessons – where J had met me after he was done with work and a bike ride of his own. Both all four of us got in some movement which is a wonderful thing! I walked along the creek, listening to a podcast from ‘Conversations’ and just enjoyed moving again. It wasn’t fast by any means, but it was moving and I was involved. A win for this week for sure.

This weekend is a relaxing but busy one – actually involving doing things that we/I want to do. Saturday is the usual work/dancing/kids show routine that occurs for us each weekend. But Sunday we are heading up for a day visit with friends who are camping, we were unable to go for the whole weekend, so the next best thing is to visit! I plan on walking with the kids, sitting by the campfire and toasting some marshmallows – yum! Monday is a public holiday here, so we are heading out as a family to the local forrest for a run and splash, and then onto a friends mum’s 60th birthday campfire and picnic, also in that forrest {not coincidental…}. So the weekend is promising lots of good times and movement. I just need to be in control of food – a habit I have slowly stopped.


Right now though, I really need to switch my mind to these assignments. I DO NOT want to leave them until the last minute, so beginning them early is key to finishing them early.

Have a great day.


**not really working actually, as we are there to observe….still, not doing a much but sitting around for 6 hours can be just as tiresome.

*** I will just say that I will not be a sweet treat/chocolate giver when it comes to motivation and positive reinforcement when I am teaching in schools… I don’t agree that the two should be synonymous {look at all those big wordy words I am using now… oooh all that higher education is paying off 😉  }

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