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A few days in and that weigh in…

June 3, 2013

Righto – I am two days into eating like the old me…. and not eating like the old old me…. 😉 if you get what I mean.

I will admit to being hungry,

I will admit to looking longingly at all the foods other people are “allowed” to eat and I “can’t”,

I will admit to that I am okay with it all.

Its nice to feel in control again, and I wonder {yet again} why I ever stopped. But I am glad to have gotten back on track and I just know in a few days the bloating will be gone and I will feel good.

In regards to my weekly goals:

Track: each day, regardless of what I eat. I have done so now for two days

Exercise: 2 times. Not yet… Uni assignments still have a strong grip on me… two three more are due Wednesday after that I am a LOT free-er

Water: get at least 1.5lt / day have done this easily, especially when sitting at a desk reading text book chapters…. plural….

So far – I am doing alright. and I know I will be end the week strong.


THAT weigh in… the one I dreaded, the one I was so embarrassed to do. Well I almost chickened out. Then I put my big girl pants on {which seem to be only slightly bigger than the ones I have to wear now. 😯 } and asked told the girls I needed some tough love and wanted them to weigh me and coach me for a few weeks.

So I stepped on – and the numbers showed up as 77.2kg.

Holy Cow!

I am 13kg above my goal weight, and hating it.

But I am doing something about now, right now. Finally. Thank-fully.

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