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Mapping the year out!

April 30, 2013

School holidays are over and Uni has begun again for the last half of the study period {or semester as some call it}, its nice to be back into a routine, but I did enjoy some well needed time off.

There are 7 weeks of this study period, and I know it will go super fast as I am super busy.

Starting this week on Thursday is the first of my four Uni placements in schools!! To have it occur so early in the degree was a surprise, but I like it! I have been placed in a school that is only 2km away so I plan on walking there. Its in a lower socioeconomic area so it will be challenging, interesting and above all I know fun! I am so looking forward to it.

Also in 3 weeks time is my annual scrap booking camp! I cant begin to tell you how keen I am to go on it – its my 10th year of attendance and I look forward to it each time! I have planned {several times…} to sit and get organised for it, but plans as they do change quickly round here, so this Friday is yet another day I have set aside to organise myself – I hope I can!!

As well as uni and camp, I still have my other volunteer Scouting Gang show Catering commitment! What a mouthful! Thankfully the show enters the theatre to start their show season in 2 weeks time, so by May 25th my commitment there will be over – although in saying that there is still plenty to do in the next 4 weeks!

Uni will end only a few weeks after that  – and I will have a 4 weeks off completely to myself and my family before I begin again, first with a two week intensive subject, then straight into the next study period – where I will only have 3 subjects to juggle….

….but I will have no catering committments!!!!!!!!!!!!  and thats a huge plus!

As soon as those 3 subjects are done I move into another intensive subject course for 3 weeks, which will take me up to Dec 20th!

How to lose 1 year in hurry… Accelerate your Uni degree with intensive courses 🙂

Anyway – in all that I need to keep on eating right, planning how I can do this is super important, but at times it is tougher than usual…. like right now… when things are a tad on the busy side.


Having begun this new style of eating, or the LCD, I have found this last few weeks just too busy to concentrate on it. I have made changes, all the ones I outlined here, but I have not got the time to continue into the book any further.

So in saying all that I plan on carrying on these already made and adjusted to changes, but I will stop any fancy notion that I had in my head of completing the 8 weeks start to finish. I have to stop where I am and plateau for a while until the crazy times slide on by.

I do still intend on eating good healthy food, preferably ‘clean’ as it seems any other style of food just gives my stomach the complete sad’s now. And I do intend on exercising when I can, but I am placing no further pressure on this already full mind.

It makes me cranky to think I have to stop the week by week process, but then I think of the big picture{s}…


and this – a car I wish to buy

and this…

and then I know its okay, there is plenty of time….



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