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Hiding them

April 18, 2013

I am going to hide my {body weighing} scales – they are doing nothing but adding negative thoughts. I have never owned a set of scales, and I caved and bought some mid last year – and while they have been helpful at keeping track of how I am stagnating going , at this moment in time I need to put them away and focus on being healthy.

I am likening this situation to the foods I watch others eat knowing I can not – well this is the same, I hear/read of others weighing daily and it helps them see the steady little bits of weight loss that keeps them on track – but for me there is no weight loss and it is making me so frustrated.

Today its day 5 of LCD, and I have been following it quite well – I feel like I am eating well, and am enjoying the recipes. I still have not finished reading the book as I have been distracted with extra kids and a bloody game app on my phone which has had me somewhat addicted {for which I am cranky and embarrassed about! & I have deleted it now…}

So when I jumped up and weighed this morning I saw a GAIN of .400g. Not much in the big scheme of things – but I have begun this new plan and have done all sorts of things to cut back on the rubbish I was eating, I kinda expected some downward movement on the scale.

Crankily I hopped back into bed – having decided to give it all up and just eat what ever, take the damn Nexium tablets forever and never worry again.

J as usual, talked me out of my funk, and

I yet again come to the conclusion that the only way I can go….. is the way I have been.

& that if I don’t carry on…

I will only end up at a worse point of self loathing and disgust at what I look like and feel like.

So I got out of bed – put on my workout clothes and headed off on a well trodden 5km walk,

earphones in and a ‘Conversations’ podcast playing.

I was half listening, it was interesting – but I thought lots too as I walked. It was a good thing to do.

I obviously asked this question: Am I doing everything I can to follow this plan??

My clear answer to myself was no – and initially I thought well that is why there is no weight loss… but on thinking further I don’t want to follow it like a crazy woman.. nor is weight loss my primary goal, I want to develop an eating style that suits me and the busy life I have and to improve the digestion situation.

Here are  a few things I have not done that the books states to do….

  • Juicing veggies and having ‘two BIG glasses within 15 mins of rising’. I dont do this is for a few reasons – 1) we don’t own a juicer and I am not prepared to go out and buy one in case this becomes one of those fad diets 2) budgeting – incase it becomes one of those fad diets 3) buying that much extra veggies… & those budgeting reasons 4) the thought of drinking a glass let alone two of veggie juice makes me shiver…. ick. Perhaps one day I will change my ideas on juices, but I am certainly not rushing out to buy a piece of kitchen gadgetry to make something that I can’t stand nor can afford.
  • I am not taking the liver tonic supplement tablets – again, budgeting, also I am a bit of a skeptic on supplements. I really dont know enough about them to have an informed opinion – so I will leave that argument alone.
  • Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with dinner…. not convinced on this one either – and I have read conflicting reports of it rotting the enamel off teeth – once again see budgeting and think of dentist costs 🙂
  • Drinking two big glasses of water with lemon juice added on rising – I am drinking one…. not convinced, enamel issues etc etc.

Here are the things I am doing that they say to do…

  • Eating plenty of veggies – mainly raw/salad style
  • Cutting way way back on coffee and tea – and for a student thats tough. I am drinking far more green tea, which is never a bad thing
  • Cutting back on sugar – I really am only having 1/4 t in my one coffee a day –  that is half strength now due to soy milk
  • Drinking Soy milk – cutting out dairy… its interesting and not that bad, although I have only had it in my coffee and a small amount {80mls} on my cereal – I have yet to try a glass of it
  • Eating no – thats right NO chocolate… well I have had none for  almost 5 days! yowsers. I was having choc bars, and easter eggs and dips into the nutella jar on a daily basis. Not lots and lots nor big bars, but small bits, which as always add up for me.
  • Eating wholegrains only in carbs- brown rice, rye bread, wholemeal pasta
  • Eating more fish  – fresh and tinned
  • No softdrinks – cordials – jellies  all low joule.

Okay so on looking at all of this I can see clear, good, healthy changes – positive ones that will definitely benefit my digestive health – and I can only guess my weight in the long run.

 – as a side note – when I weighed in at WW I had lost .300g…. go figure….

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    April 19, 2013 12:49 pm

    Hey we have a juicer here that I am no longer using, I was doing a “diet” we shall call it or 10 week challenge where they had you drinking all this juice with your breakfast it totally cleans you out!!! I’m not joking I reckon that is the most time I have spent in the toilet ever!!! LOL! But you’re right it is so expensive to buy extra fruit and veg to juice and when you see the waste (I know it’s only peel, etc) you think why am I doing this again? I had a nice one with beetroot, carrot, celery, cucumber, apple and ginger. That was quite nice! But I just could not keep it up! I’d rather eat my fruit and veg in it’s natural state!

    • April 21, 2013 10:18 am

      Thanks Mel – would love to have a free weekend to ‘pop’ on over to get it 😉 and yes everyone is telling me that juice is really nice. I will have to head to a vegan restaurant to try one first I reckon, without the commitment of purchase.

      I think the clean out is the aim – although that would be nice(?) I am not sure I can justify the cost still….

      • bubblymel permalink
        April 21, 2013 10:19 am

        Nah! The cost is rediculous!!

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