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Day 3 – LCD

April 15, 2013

I woke at 8:06am this morning – yowsers… that’s around 12 hours sleep! I clearly needed it!

How has today gone?

Food Wise: not too bad – home made muesli again, with a banana and soy milk, a delicious chicken sandwich, rye bread, salad and avocado filling and dinner is an Asian prawn salad. I have snacked on an orange too, and will have a dessert too {stewed apple}. I even had a weak coffee with soy milk, a cuppa, a green tea and 2lt of H2o are down already. I have picked at bits and bobs, which is a habbit i am really trying to break – I will  have to be more alert tomorrow for it!

Health Wise: I feel so so so much better today – much clearer in the head! I wanted to get out and walk, but alas sleeping in, husband work times and uni study do get in way. Tomorrow I plan on getting up a tad earlier to head out for half hour of walking.

Also tomorrow I want to take a few measurements – to see if the cm’s fall off… hahahahaha…. but I am a skeptic, so I will raise and eyebrow until they do…. {then I shall crow 😉 }

right then, the kids and their cousins are in bed watching a movie and I am off to do some scrap booking and avoid the sweet milky coffee that my mind has turned to… perhaps a green tea will suffice…..

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