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Day 2 – LCD

April 15, 2013

LCD = liver cleansing diet

How did day 2 go?

Well it began great…

Food wise: I mixed up my own blend of muesli {keeping with the less processed is best theme} – it was delicious, we then headed out for a family day at the Rock’n’Roll rendezvous  and I withheld from eating all the deliciousness that is now no longer for me :(*** and stuck to my tuna and roasted veg salad, and then I ate left over noodles and chicken from the night before. I had snacks of grapes and veggies stix and hummus YUM! I also drank well over 2lt of water & 1 cup of tea

Health wise: I have had a constant headache and weariness… and I ended the night with extreme nausea and a pounding head that felt 3x its normal size. Unfortunately I was out when I began to feel bad and by the time we got home I was >-< close to vomiting… I carefully took two ibuprofen and crawled  into bed at 8pm.

My thoughts: I am not sure if it is a withdrawal thing or if it is a viral thing – my youngest daughter came home from school on Friday clearly unwell and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in bed dozing on and off, and as always have heard from others that its ‘going around’ and such and such just had it.

I think its a combination of both – I have had no sugar for two days, little caffeine and minimal white carbs – added in with a viral thing and you have a disaster on your my hands.


*** seriously – I really don’t even like those foods much anymore – as they only make me feel bad digestion wise and weigh more – its a mental thing… telling me I cant makes me want 🙂

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