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Day 1 – Liver Cleanse Diet

April 15, 2013

I was so excited to finally find the book! I searched a few stores and the one that did eventually have it told me that its super popular.

Okay, so that makes me feel less stupid for trying  a ‘fad’ diet…. or does it make it more a ‘fad‘ diet…. I also need to stop worrying! This is my health and mental state at stake, not anyone else’s.

I have quickly read the requirements, for today is busy and I needed to get to the shops for supplies.  And as I bought them I remember all the times {not as many as my embarrassed brain thinks} I have headed out to buy the food related ‘must haves’ for a diet… I hope this is the last time {oh god I said those words..}

Food planning wise, for week one I have decided to pick 7 breakies, 4-5 lunches and 7 dinners and stick to them for the week.  The 2-3 extra lunches will come from leftover dinners. I don’t think I have any plans for eating out this week, thank-fully. But if one comes up I plan on calling them, asking what is on the menu and possibly bringing my own food

I have decided not to track, and not to weigh everything – just as the book says to. I will, however, weigh cereal {as I am a terrible judge} and the {soy…!!}  milk for breakie. Everything else I will just eyeball, and pay attention when eating.

This is not that dissimilar to the WW

Here is a picture of me on Day 1…

Day one

Wow, what an attractive just-woken-up shot…. hmmmm mental note not to stand by pink wall next time 😉

I plan on weekly shots, so to be able to see changes, and I plan on weekly weighing too – for I would be lying if I said weight loss was not a motivating factor in this….

I also plan on blogging daily, or whenever I can – but certainly tracking my thoughts is my goal.


How day one ended…

 food eaten wise – great … mental and body health wise – not so good.

Tears, uncertainty, tiredness, fear and a whopper of a headache.

Possibly caffeine withdrawal –

possible viral infection…

not sure.



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