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Sitting on the top

March 29, 2013

I am actually feeling on top of things at the moment – which I love.

I am still dog tired at the end of the day, and unusually for me, still needing 9hours of sleep a night! {Yah for Good Friday public holidays} I really believe that I totally wore myself out over the last fortnight – worry about the major volunteer catering gig that I helped run, worry that I was getting further behind on Uni, worry that my eating/exercising was taking a turn for the worse and I was heading up the scales/larger clothing sizes then down, worry that home life was happening without me, or not happening.


  • this 4 day holiday weekend is a break from the scout show I am catering for – so time to relax from the busyness of that,
  • also I spent 3 full days with my head in the books and caught up,
  • Yesterday I spent an a few hours wandering in the pre-Easter shopping centre madness – and managed to find a heap of new clothes {I was desperate}, new underwear/bra’s {even more desperate} and did all the Easter shopping!
  • Then an hour with girlfriends having a coffee {therapy for the soul…},
  • a few hours at Uni working on a paired assignment due shortly {we got so much done} and all evening researching journal articles to back up our argument {found them all!}
  • Cleaned up my bedroom, hung our clothes on coat hangers in the wardrobe rather than on the floordrobe!
  • Tidied the house, vacuumed and done 3 loads of washing
  • I have even managed to log onto ‘My Fitness Pal’ 5 days in a row and track.
  • and have done a 30min walk down the creek.

Getting back into swing of my normal life is what I needed to feel myself again. J has been really great at filling in the gaps where I have been MIA, but its so nice to do a few things around the house myself again.

This long Easter weekend J is working 3 out of 4 days. Having been the wife of a chef longer than I haven’t, I am used to ‘normal holidays for others’  being working days for him, and now in his new career the same protocol applies for those holidays.

It sucks when I have nothing to do, but this year with Uni, the last two weeks and our bank balance – I am more than happy to be have some time at home these 3 days, while he earns some PH penalties 🙂 We do have plans – a party, a family gathering,  a bike ride, a visit or two to the playground, a walk in Waterfall Gully, plenty of movies for the kids and a huge dent made in my uni work. I am hoping to pull ahead, so that in the two week break that is coming a few weeks I can have a bit more time off, and spend it with the kids.


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