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Regaining ‘It’

March 26, 2013

I am doing a little better today – 8 hours of sleep, a 40 mins {slowish but very theraputic} walk down the creek


AND plenty of time reading/learning about how to become a {good} teacher – has left me feeling a bit more in control.

My walk was slowish mainly due to lack of fitness, but also due to a sore calf muscle that I pulled early last week – rested it back to good health – then jumped over a puddle on Friday and pulled it again. Bum. Its on the mend again, and a slow walk was better than none.

I have eaten good food today – with a bit of sugar chocolate thrown in for fun đŸ™‚

After a weekend of busyness, and a bit of indulgence, mainly eating at weird times and snacking on bits and bobs {just what my body LOVES…} I needed to just eat normal food at normal times. I have tracked it all I and feel good about what I put in my gob. I am going to have another coffee to keep me going on my last subject {I have crammed 3 into one day! as I have barely done anything over the last 5!} and then hopefully another early-ish night before my big day at uni tomorrow. On Wed’s I have 6 hours of lectures, with a one hour break 2/3 the way through where I eat lunch. Its a good day for me, as I take my packed lunch and no money – so there is no temptation to purchase anything.

I am hoping – fingers crossed – to ride my bike there in the morning. But to do that I need to be up early, organised and out the door by 8.10am {just in case, as I dont want to be late…}.

So that means dipping my head back into the books…

I hope you too have had a good day, goodnight!


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