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Sedentary Butt

March 20, 2013

I dont want to be a blogger that whines..but I am gonna – just a lil’ bit.



Okay, its out of my system. I even wrote it in way that if you don’t feel like reading my whine, you don’t have too. Your welcome. :mrgreen:


Uni is keeping my mind active, my butt sedentary and my internet downloads high.

We are in week 3 – so if you look at it in a systematic way – there are

  • 12 weeks of teaching time
  • divided into two lots of 6 weeks
  • separated by two weeks of holidays study break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the six weeks can be divided in half to 3 weeks

meaning that officially I am 1/4 way through Uni {teaching time} for this semester! Its a nice feeling, and one technique  that I need to use to get me through.

I have to admit that I hate not having time to work out, but I know I will again very soon, and that I can live with.

I am attempting everyday to eat good food, with little sugar. Certainly no bought goodies – which budget constraints hardly allow for anyway. This week I have had my husband home injured {twitchy twitch} so have had him on the job of making healthy lunches, which is a job I hate.

I signed up for a Mad March Challenge – but due to the reasons behind my eye twitch…. erm… yeah. I have not even thought about it. Kinda makes me sad, but I know I have to make the best of what I can, and if that means 3 healthy meals a day and a few interesting snacks and thats it… well so be it. My time will come again. This I know.

Anyways…. Its time for me to head off and do some more work. The husband is watching some movie he loves, which I clearly don’t…. as I am putting study over it. TV and movies are not my thing really.


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