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Stealing time

March 16, 2013


I am stealing a small amount of study time to call in and remind myself why I love to blog….

I have been flat out being – a mum – a wife – a carer  – a girl – a uni student – a volunteer – a daughter – a healthy eater – a walker…. with so many hats on this week fortnight I am falling behind and stumbling along trying to keep them all balanced. I blogged about insomnia a week ago, planning and brain-dumping… all signs that I have too much going on.

Trouble is – I can’t stop any of it – well I guess I can, but I committed to all of it and will loyally stick with them all… even if the twitch in my right eye carries on through the next few weeks months.

Other major issue this week is that my husband tripped over at work, while chasing ‘bad guys’ and has hurt his knee most significantly. A trip to emergency, a very large brace, medication that kept him sleepy all day and a week off work {to begin with} has increased my workload even more significantly. twitch twitch.

Our kids are spending the day with cousins…. so I can sit and study. But other small, boring, daily, mothering, housewifely  jobs have had to interrupt and I am having trouble re-settling into the books. That is why I thought I would come here and have a chat.

Right I feel better now, time to learn some more about becoming a teacher….

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