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The planner I am

March 7, 2013

I knew it would get busy. But I had forgotten just how much

I had Uni all day yesterday, 6hrs of lectures and a 1hr break in the late afternoon. I was SHATTERED when I arrived home. So much info told to us in one day – mostly about the expectations of us and learning outcomes demanded.


I will get through it, I know that.

This time round, there are a vast majority of Mature Aged Students – which is super nice to be able to connect with like minded parents, proffessionals, life aware people. Its nice to be around 19yr olds too and gather some youth that they exude.  Even more happily I have connected to several people already and we seem to be forming a nice bond! Relieved sigh.

Its the most nerve wracking thing to be competing for ‘friends’ again…. but I know its a good thing too – to keep you on your toes and not let complacency settle in.

Anyway I am prattling on – and I have a life day week to organise.

Exercise this week has been awkward, and infrequent and un-interesting. I launched into the week with no plan, no real thought to how the days would play out and {stupidly} no inkling as to how slammed I would get.

Uni, working a few extra shifts at WW, stopping the gym, shift work hours and sleep times and a few birthday celebrations caught me unwares exercise wise, housekeeping wise and left us 2 days past the normal shopping day getting “creative” with dinner.

If I am to pass uni, stay fit and active, keep weight loss alive and kicking, have a happy kids, home and husband – This cannot happen again, and I need to plan a time in my week to keep all the above organised and worked out. And tonight is the night to get ready for the next week.

So I leave you all to go enjoy this sticky, humid {horrible} evening and plan a week!


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