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500 and 37 and 12.5 and 1

March 1, 2013


This is my 500th post!

Its rather exciting to have gotten this far, and for me to have kept up this level of commitment. I am most apprehensive of being a 6wk wonder, and while I am assured that I don’t give up everything I do, there is still a certain amount of self-depreciation going on over here. Hence I am pleased as punch to have kept up this daily weekly a little more than every-now-and-then blogging habit.

So now is the perfect time to thank you all for reading, stopping by and commenting. Its nice to know that what I write is not just sitting out there lonely and discarded in the WWW .

And also, I think I may now be brave enough in my writing style and blog content to even begin to tell people that I write a blog. Very few friends know I do, as its a nerve wracking thing for me – and the uneasiness I feel at not doing the ‘right’ thing, saying the ‘right’ words and being the ‘right’ person’ is something I work on daily to curb.



Today is also my 37th Birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

The day began with some pressies while still in bed – and I smiled to see that my husband was listening to me or reading this blog… for I am now the owner of a new pair of Havaianna’s thongs :mrgreen:

and a new watch… as I am always asking people what the time is – Now I just begin my sentence with ‘I know its time I got a watch… but can you tell me the time’.

I am not sure why I don’t check my phone… I guess because its always in a bag and buried at the bottom. Flicking your wrist over seems so much simpler.

I went to the gym for a fast class – 1} because I was the ONLY one there 😦 which was not so bad as it seemed as 2} I have done only one workout {and it was an easy walk!}  all week and I needed something simple and easy to ease this lethargic body back into the rhythm.

Then J and I went out for a lovely lunch in the sun.

I had half a St Helier Pink Pear Cider – which was very pink! and a we shared a delicious Grazing Plate, chips and Aioli {my ultimate favourite!!}. It was a lovely lunch.

Tonight I am off scrapbooking, just to round out a pretty perfect day spent doing the things I love!



While doing some major cleaning out this week, I stumbled upon my wedding dress. So I threw it on! And it fitted.


Well, almost. Its a bit tight around the hips {2 children will do that to you} and in the bust, but on my wedding day I was wearing a super gorgeous corset that held everything in and UP. So I am not surprised that my everyday bra did nothing to help fill out  the dress 😉

My wedding dress was blue, and all those years ago it was VERY unusual to have a different colour. Our wedding was different all round and its funny to see things we did then {like photo’s before the ceremony and a ‘first look’} things that are really popular now. Did we set the trend?? lol

It was lovely to put it on again, lovely to see that it fits still and lovely to know I am okay to hand it on to the next part of its life.

I am donating it to an Amateur Theatre group, so it can be used on stage and be seen by many.

In July we will have been married for 13yrs.



Yesterday, we had a new addition to our family arrive….

Meet Meggsy…

As in Ginger…

Not being a cat person, nor a dog or any other animal person… I was apprehensive. But we have been trying to get Miss A to stop sucking her fingers – which she has done since the moment she was born {womb boredom perhaps??}. So the deal was that if she cut right back at the daytime finger sucking she could get a kitten, and Miss A is an absolute animal lover, so we chose the right ‘currency’. She has done pretty well at stopping/cutting back, with a few set backs, but mostly well enough to be rewarded for her efforts.

And as to not being a cat person… well this is how he spent the morning while I studied…

4.1Heart melter!


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  1. bubblymel permalink
    March 1, 2013 5:14 pm

    Omg! I can’t believe you are donating your wedding dress!! Pretty cool that it fits still! Meggsy is so cute!!’ Happy birthday! Glad you had a nice day!!

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