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Just a quickie…

February 23, 2013

Such a busy week! Cleaning out bedrooms, spending time with a gorgeous copper and some neat kids, uni, mums group, eating right and working out.

The last two days I have rested, due to my Achilles hurting. I have never had it hurt before, but I have read plenty of blogs talking about it enough to know that rest was best!

So today I hit the gym for a double session – Zumba and Bokwa. and I feel great 🙂 I totally love Zumba and can see why people are hooked and buy cool looking Zumba clothing etc.

It’s a hot 37deg here today, that coupled with two days off and a sore achilles, by the time the last 20mins rolled around of my 2hrs, I was feeling it. Tired, achey, sweaty and thirsty.  And boy did we sweat – so much that I really need to keep my water levels high today.

I am showered and clean now so am feeling fantastic! Now all I need to do is eat and I will be ready to kick off the second part of my day.

We are off to the Adelaide Fringe tonight with some great friends – and are going the show “Bogan Bingo”,   from their website… ‘Bogan Bingo is the only comedy game of bingo that has all its number calls linked to songs from the 80’s and 90’s, as well as paying tribute to Australia’s past and present heroes. Its a fun bingo game theme that makes it easy for everyone to dress up, rock out, and get involved in some serious bingo fun’.

It should be a fantastic night with a huge amount of lafs! The friends we are heading out with LOVE to have a good laugh too and are totally silly buggers  – I see some cool photo antics coming :mrgreen:

Right, seeing this is a short one, I am off! Have a great night, and a healthy sunday!

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