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From where I sit…

February 18, 2013

I can see one huge My Little Pony wearing a kids jacket, 5 half crayons scattered across the floor, a pile of washing, 2 hair ties randomly lying in the middle of the hallway and a bedroom doorway full of dropped toys.

And that’s only the little bit I CAN see…. from where I sit.


Having just had a hugely busy weekend, leaving me feeling exhausted and flattened-by-a-truck like… I sit here and wonder what the hell happened. Where did the weekend go? How did the house end up like this? Why did I not get a chance to eat dinner last night and strangely am still not hungry?

And then I sit and wonder why it should shock me so much, that my weekends/days are so crazy.

I  have trouble saying no……I am a yes girl.

I say yes to things, volunteer for things, an offer to come round for a cuppa? {when I have other things to do} sure I will come. I love being at home, but I also love being with others.

And getting that balance just right…. well as much I would love to have it perfectly balanced…. it just never happens.

When I am out and about – my house goes to shambles, and I long to have the time to be home to clean up. When I am home and the place is neat and tidy – I long to be out and about chatting and catching up with people that I love, doing things I love.

So the sooner I accept that each is an exact opposite reaction to the other – and will always continue to be so, the sooner I will stop stressing and worrying about. For that never helps.

But for now I will go and pick up the fallen clothes, hair ties, shoes, toys and flotsam from a super busy, super fun and rewarding weekend.

And will go on to have a lovely week – to do it all again next weekend 🙂


Having just googled “messy house”… I found this quote from this blog….. she and I think alike!  :mrgreen:

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