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Come read about my “wonderful” day

February 15, 2013

Seriously I have had a shit of a day. Thankfully the worst bit turned out to be okay but things just did not got to plan.

My day began with me wanting to spend the day doing things for me only. With full time Uni looming free days will become rare – so I figured a mental health day from the home couldnt hurt. I planned on scrapbooking all day. I had also planned to take the kids to my mums for an hour or two in the evening and go and have a coffee with some other scrappbooking friends who were attending a workshop that I couldn’t.

Then I remembered a few forms that were due in TODAY for uni – so I scurried round the site, found them, printed them and had them ready to drop in.

A good friend who lives interstate then rang and we had an hour long de-brief with what is going on in our respective lives many thousands of kms apart – but still feeling like only mere metres.

While on the phone to her my youngest daughters school rang to say that she had fallen, cut her chin and was not feeling all that great. J was home and he zoomed off to pick her up.

On returning home Miss A was Pale! so very pale. With sunken eyes that had dark circles round them and was listless and floppy. Scary stuff to see your child in that state. So a quick trip to the Doctors surgery where they squeezed her in between other appointments. She was still not looking great while there and when she vomited – and it was red! The doctor was as concerned as I was and suggested we head to the emergency department. It seemed very unusual for just a fall to have her looking so lifeless and pale…

On the car trip there she power-napped {a clever skill she seems to have – 5 mins is all she needs to be recharged and ready to go!} and while she was revived somewhat on awakening she was still quiet and subdued. Most strange.

At the emergency department they glued her chin back together,


ran a few tests


and kept us there for a few hours to monitor her.


And by the time we had been dealing with this fall for almost 7 hours Miss A was right as rain, laughing and rolling around on the hospital bed. She was fine.

Thank-fully! They think she had a concusion, but not really sure. I am just happy it was not a warning sign of worse! There is nothing harder than watching your child lay there ill – and all your can think about are the what if’s….

Even more thankfully my mum had picked up Miss L, taken her home and made dinner for all of us. And once they were all settled in front of a movie I figured I would head off and have that coffee.

Only to find it had been cancelled 😦  the house was dark and no cars were out the front.

So I headed back to where my kids were set up my laptop to do a bit of uni work – when my eldest smashed a glass. Vacuum cleaner out – sorted and back to the laptop – only for the movie to end 2 mins later and for my brother declare that his kids were off to bed. Right then I guess we were leaving. Pack up laptop.

Home was a mess, but I got one child settled into bed with a cd book and as I was settling the other I noticed a huge-ass hunstman spider. Tea cup sized in diameter…. huge. Right there where we walk back and forth the most.




they dont hurt you, but when they are that big they are UGLY. And a bit scary.

So we stood on chairs, armed with an insect spray – a broom and a bit of courage {could of used a bit more…} screamed the house down as I sprayed him and he ran! So I sprayed more. He lay looking like this


for a bit while I texted my husband to tell him of our ordeal… only to find that the bloody thing had disappeared!!! Crickey.

Finally we found him, a bit more spray and perhaps some force* with the broom finally had us feeling a bit more comefortable around him…. so we scooped him up {from a distance} and deposited him outside. Then it was time to settle the adrenaline, and the kids again.

What a day. Seriously – did not go how I intended!

Now its time for me to go to bed and relax!

* I am not normally  a spider killer, I am happy to walk them outside and let them live another day. But this one was huge and was freaking my daughter out – and me – so I knew walking it out on the end of  the broom would not be an option. Sorry spider lovers….


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  1. bubblymel permalink
    February 17, 2013 7:19 am

    Oh I would have done the same!!! Sorry you had a shit day and hope A is feeling better xxx

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