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A lunch example to remain high-spirited

February 12, 2013


I am still trying to remain upbeat and not let the emotions get to me.


Making lunch for myself has always been a struggle, I find the time of day totally uninspiring.

And am always at that point busy doing something too interesting to want to stop and be creatively healthy,

whilst refraining from picking at each little bitty bit I come across.

I try to be organised and have something made, or have leftovers to just re-heat.

That usually works best for me.


but today

these foods were just ‘there’ and they easily formed themselves

into a delicious and juicy cheese and salad sandwich.

Beginning with Multi-grain bread


extra grated carrot



raw mushrooms

sweet spiced green pickles

ice-berg lettuce

small amount of mayo mixed in with tomato relish.



J always uses a variety of flavours and pickles in his sandwiches

and they always taste amazing…

so I figured I would follow his

{20yrs of chef-ing experience and knowledge}


and do likewise.

and it paid off.

Such a great sandwich!

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