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February 12, 2013

I am trying desperately to “move on’ from this moment actually moments of frustration.

I went to bed early, was up early, was organised for school/lunches/breakies done on time. I even got dressed in my gym clothes ready to go.

Then we hit school reading.

Miss A struggles to read easily, and I struggle to watch her not be able to grasp it easily. I find it most frustrating. And I verbalise it. Something I need to curb.

I already don’t see her as being a book worm – she has strengths in other areas – in fact it would not surprise me to read this post in 5 years and smile and nod at how right I was.

Miss A is a numbers girl. Ask her to subtract 6 from 10… and she has it without thinking.

But Miss A will not be a kid that sinks into a book and emerges hours later. Like my elder daughter.

I need to accept it, do what I can to help her achieve what she needs to learn, encourage her and praise her. And push my own frustrations to one side. For I am not helping.

Being skilled and confident at reading will help her understand those calculus text books she will need at uni. 😉


Frustration two…. that gym.

I said earlier that I was dressed and ready to go. So when I turn up to attend the class ‘Group PT’… the door is shut. The owners car is there, but the door is shut, the roller door is down and the blinds are drawn.

I could of knocked – but I was still reeling from the school reading…. and I drove off.

As I just wanted to be part of a group in working out – I wanted to blend in, get lost in my own breathing and rhythm and work out. To erase the negatives I was feeling, I didnt want to talk to anyone. Let alone be the only one there… again.

Yesterday there was one other person {who’s was attending her second class there…}, and while the Zumba class was great {I love it} it would be nice to be in a larger group. I want to know where everyone else is? I asked which are the larger groups and got the reply Sat am. Which is good, but the first class is a 10am class – my weekend with kids has well and truly started then… way too late in the day for me.

I am frustrated and confused. I thought I may have found an answer, but I am fearing I haven’t. I have not been to a class yet with more than 5 people at it – sorry I have been to one. But still.

Anyway, like I said I need to move on from these frustrations and get on with my day. Re-plan it out and get moving onto more positive things.

Hence I needed just this blog for a brain dump….. Feeling much better now having gotten my whinge out.


Right off to make the bed and tidy up, scrapbook for an hour, then shopping, school pick up, swimming, school acquaintance night and a gym workout.

Re motivation at its best.

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