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Happy Days

February 6, 2013

Today I feel the need to write in colour.

For I am feeling happy 🙂

My days are thought about and planned out, to make the most of this free time I have before I begin Uni again. I have many small jobs that I have been waiting a few weeks for some free time to do and they were bugging me, almost to a point of being ‘blocked’. I mean that by the amount of small messes, cluttered spaces and boring tasks were so overwhelming I didn’t know what to do first.

Actually, I did know what to do first – get myself in order…. food, exercise, healthy mind…

….and only then have I begun to be able to do those odd jobs, the messes that had been stepped over or moved to another room to be ignored. Its feels nice to make progress.

It feels good to have made some progress on me too. I am feeling fit and healthy – and a little sore from a yet another single person work-out at the gym. I like the soreness, I like the workout, I like the way the toning is already having an effect on my body… I just don’t like to be the only one all the time.

The worry and doubt is still sitting there, while I try to ignore it, in the corner of my mind {read more on this part way down this post}I am aiming to attend some evening classes, to see if more are attending, but I have to work it all in with J’s hours, the kids routine and soon enough my Uni hours. And to honest, while I like doing a few evening classes every now and then, mornings are when I workout better. I love to get in my PJ’s, couch sit and crochet with a cup of coffee.  Going out each evening, right at dinner/bed time is tough for me.


The February challenge is going well. I am still doing it- so that is one score to me!

Day 3: 2lt water and as many star jumps as you can

Me: 2+2cups – 25 star jumps. I meant to keep going back and doing more all day, but things in our family are a little stressful right now, and that took precedent over star jumps. I am happy to have done some!

Day 4: 2lt water and as many push -ups as you can

Me: 2lt + 3cups  – 25 push ups – I did these all like this 

which is an achievement for me!

Day 5: 2lt water and as many tricep dips as you can

Me: 2lt – 15 dips…. my arms were really sore from the push ups and the weights workout I did at the gym.

While I am not doing as many as some of the other super ‘keen’ participants, I have to admit that I am really pleased to have stuck this out for this many days. I really want to complete each task each day and see the end of the month – a month long mini goal 🙂


Well its time to go start my day…. Hope yours is full of good healthy food and actions!

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