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Once again…

January 28, 2013


and by that I mean this is happening once again tomorrow!

How can this first month of 2013 and school holidays be done?

{oh yeah I know why, and still owe you a post on that 😉 }

More importantly….How can one year have gone by?

Ah, these are questions I cannot answer nor can I slow that time down – I can only make good use of time – which – will once again be mine for 6 whole {very precious and ever so fast to disappear} hours.

I really don’t feel like Jan 1st begins a new year – I feel like the first day back at school after 6 weeks holidays begins a new year. Time to finish jobs begun before chrissy, time to clean the house and have it remain that way for a few hours, time to head to the gym on a regular basis, time to spend on favourite hobbies and time to re-organise my life.

So much hope and optimism I hold for those hours of mine.



I, once again, need to make this a daily section.

I, once again, need to re/keep on/always commit to this way of life.

I, once again, need to get my diary & days, my pantry &  fridge, my lunch recipes, my water cup & my green tea, my gym schedule, my desk and my mind into a neat and orderly manner to be able to maximise my efforts at living this healthy life.

For clutter in my home is clutter in my mind – I can’t see anything clearly, nor have the energy to get out there and get going – as I just do not know where to start.

Take exercise this week for example; I have had so.much.on this week that by the time I get home at the end of the day I am buggered. I know a walk will clear my mind but I would love to sit on the couch, relax for a bit and rest my tired body. I know a walk will make me feel so much better but I really need to clean up the kitchen enough to be able to make breakie and pack food for the next busy day. I know a walk will help me achieve my goals but the time is so short that I can’t see how 10mins will do any good.

So; having all that above {days fridge, desk etc} sorted and De-cluttered – makes room for other things – like extra time in the day from not worrying about what’s healthy to eat from an empty fridge, from not worrying if I have missed anything important from my ever growing pile of papers “filed” on the edge of my kitchen bench. Free to head to the gym without the worry of what to do with kids and the husbands work hours and can I go early/late and will I feel like it when its late.

Its a nice thought that tomorrow is the day I can get this all done. And of course finishing that post showing just why feel like I have let just about everything slide in my ‘healthy’ way of living.

Right now, though, I need my bed and badly. My eyes are fuzzing over and I can hear that my wonderful husband has just about finished the dishes…Perfect timing! tee hee I love him to bits!

Here’s to a good nights sleep.



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