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Absent blogger?**

January 25, 2013

Its me!

Woah! Time flies when your having so much fun you cant wait for it to be over… Just joking well almost joking on the ‘cant wait for it to be over’ part – but now that it is I am happy, and will be happier when I can get organised again and get my shit sorted 🙂

I have a HUGE post half  two thirds almost done but have yet to have the time to sit and input the photo’s needed to complete it! Its been written over so many days that many of the events I was talking about in future tense have been and gone and are now well into past tense. Tomorrow I may well have that time – so.much.excitement!


Health Wise…. well as I sit and type this I am munching on the most delicious block of chocolate with my gorgeous husband ever… who is a copper now {that’s how long its been since I last posted 😉 }.… probably not the best idea I have ever had but its been a long few weeks and I am loving the flavour. So shut up future lea and your moaning and groaning about stomach cramps and blah blah…


Anyway I am off to couch sit with afore mentioned hunky husbo copper  and enjoy some time together!

Expect more on this blog tomorrow – and now it will be full of photo’s rather than only 1/2 done… so consider yourselves lucky :mrgreen:

** OH GOSH – I was so busy I didnt even press publish! doh.

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