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New Gym?

January 7, 2013

I felt sad today while reading Julie’s Journey from Fat to Fab weight loss blog today, she mentioned a challenge that her 12wbt FB group is doing for the month – 1000 lunges per leg, and it made me feel down.

Sad not cos of the number of lunges or my lack of doing them at the moment – but sad cos her involvement in a group that is keen on fitness. It’s something I do not have, and I really miss it.


I miss being around others who share my enjoyment of working out, eating well and feeling fit and healthy. I miss having friends like this.

When I was doing the 12wbt I didn’t really gel with the FB group I was invited to join via another friend involved – and found myself getting annoyed with the the incessant ‘what colour/shape/logo should the t-shirt be/have’ talk rather than the reason we were meant to be there. Perhaps once the decisions were made they moved on to the real reason, but I didnt hang around to find out… I cracked the shits and left the group. And I regret that now, especially when I hear see others saying how much they love the friends made via 12wbt groups.

Lacking self-confidence I dared not join other groups, for I had already read about others who had done so and been shot down with nasty comments. ERk – not my style at all…. So I played the game on my own.

Having my walking/fitness buddy move interstate and my other fitness buddy in yet a different Aussie state I really feel like I am lost at sea and doing it on my own has grown tiring.


so I typed into the FB search ‘fitness groups Adelaide’ hoping that something would pop up that I could join online and would you believe it but something did. And its a gym!!


Searching their FB page and website – its JUST what I wanted out of a gym.

  • no joining fee
  • no contract
  • one fee for everyone
  • one fee for all sections of gym
  • lots of classes
  • lots of dance style classes
  • group training
  • creche for all ages
  • casual, open and friendly {hopefully so it seems}

So I called the number and am heading there tomorrow! I am so excited!




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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 8, 2013 10:06 am

    Yay! You’ll be making new friends in no time!! Good On you lea!!

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