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Sun Happy

January 6, 2013

A day spent in the sun kayaking was just what I needed.

Today we celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday with an Adventure Kayaking tour – 15 members of my immediate family came along – even the 5yr old kids and we had a great day paddling amongst the mangroves and rusty old ships.

I love being out on the water, in the wind and the sun – with the salty water drying crusty on my skin. I have loved it since I was young and its something I cant explain why or how I love it so much. It just feel right to be there.  Funny though, I am not so great in the salty water…. just on it, sailing, kayaking, rowing, floating 🙂

We paddled around for 3hours, sightseeing, splashing and laughing – and we all came home weary and sun tingled. The best part of water sports and the aussie summer!

I wish now I had worn my HR monitor, it would of been great to see how many cals 3hrs of an activity like burns. Good news is that we loved it so much we will go back and do more! Yah, for I had forgotten over the years of being away from water sports just how happy it makes me feel. Perhaps we need to look into kayaks of our own, or even a small sailing boat??



Getting back into a good rhythm after all the chrissy and new year celebrations is not an easy feat. But I am slowly day by day easing my way out of the fog and into good health again – its not easy, but I know it can be done. Done it before…. and sadly I know I will do it again I am sure.

I am still struggling with digestion issues and which way to tackle them. Total exclusion diet? Normal diet with continuous tablet taking? Medical investigations? Who knows? I have mixed up feelings and emotions for all of them, and am confused what to do. I swing wildly in thoughts and struggle with what the best way to go for the immediate and long term future of my eating habits.

Today was another clear example that I need to make some decisions – and soon. I ate a few hot chips and some (maybe a few pieces too much) rocky road and I spent the afternoon laying on the couch with stomach cramps and bloating. Ugh. Not a way to end a fabulous morning.

When I do decide what to do, I then need to work out a good way of stopping myself from eating these foods that give me so much grief. You would think that the memory of the pain and general uncomfortableness would be enough, but it seems my crazy little brain and chocolate and hot chip loving heart override those memories. I enjoy…. I pay the price.

It seems that taking my own foods along to gatherings is the way I am needing to go  – but then its stopping myself picking at the food on offer. Eating all my own foods and then stopping myself having a mini 2yr old tantrum at having to miss out, and then gobbling all those foods on offered anyway. Then the regret and pain.

As I read this back it all sounds a little crazy and all over the place. I am sure you are yelling at your screen saying just do it already, FFS. I know I am slow to learn, from my own mistakes and musings, and know that eventually I have I have to {wo}man up and just cut the shit – literally. I just…  I just…. ahhh fuck it.


Tomorrow is a new day.

I need to go to bed, have a good nights rest and get up and start the day off right with exercise.

I need to sort out my HR monitor, I have stopped using it due to its lack of response when I put it on – leading me to put it back in the basket for worrying about later.

I need to ring my old gym and cancel my membership. Then ring a new gym and sign up.  No more dicking about wondering and umming and ahhhing on which one to go to – I need to pick a gym and just get going to classes again.

I need to sit down and actually nut out an eating plan and food plan that makes me feel happy – on all levels. One that keeps my health in the forefront, but one that makes me feel like I am not missing out.

I need to stop procrastinating about unpacking fully from our chrissy holidays {this is rather embarrassing really… I never take this long} and get my house sorted back to the way I like it. The disorganisation is what is holding me back in making other decisions.

I need to go to bed now….


Thanks for letting me unload and brain dump my thoughts –

Any suggestions on what I should do??




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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 7, 2013 9:36 am

    Lea, before Christmas I was doing Clean eating and i really liked it and lost weight, I will be going back to it in the next week or so as It made me feel so great. I was following some advice from here:!

    • January 7, 2013 2:02 pm

      Thanks Mel, I will check it out.

      • bubblymel permalink
        January 7, 2013 3:19 pm

        No probs, she does get you to try to sign up to stuff, but if you ignore that and look at her advice on what to eat and the workouts, it’s all good!

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