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Some days its fun to be an adult!

January 6, 2013

Tonight, as we are in the middle of a heat wave over here in Oz, I wanted to slouch about the house in comfy shorts and a singlet.

Having no shorts that fitted this description –  I took a pair of scissors to an old and daggy, paint stained and too large, shouldn’t-been-seen-in-public-ever-again pair of trackies.

I chopped the legs off while I was in them – and my kids thought that was HILARIOUS, that I would do such a bold thing, AND while I was wearing them!

Then my tall and very narrow 6yr old ran around for the rest of the night in the cut off leg part – she wore it like a skin tight, little black dress.

Hilarity all round.*


*We sure do know how to live the high life round here….’specially on a Sat’dy night!



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