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Day 3 of our new year

January 3, 2013
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Day 3 and it’s HOT – a suggested 39° c {tomorrow 43° OMG… two guesses what we will be sitting next too}

I am still feeling the digestive lag from eating the wrong foods for my body on holiday – I feel big and bloated and rotten. And yes, I did eat foods that are not recommended when your are attempting to lose weight – but really I ate way less than others, way less than I used to and way less that I could of. What I find frustrating is that their effect on me is so monumental. I suffer for up a week after with a bloated gut, gassy reflux burps, random pains in my abdomen and others stuff not nice to mention. Its not fun – but I have had it so long – I am struggling learning to deal with it.

But yesterday I visited a friend of mine who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after a year of telling doctors there was something wrong with her. No one ‘really’ listened. Until one wonderful woman Dr really did listen – and my beautiful friend was in for surgery only a few days later.

This friend’s struggles and eventual diagnosis often spin about my head, about not taking ‘you’ve got IBS go away and live with it’ answers. She is the one that makes me wonder about  my symptoms and how they may be more than they seem. I don’t believe that I have symptoms that will lead to a cancer diagnosis…. but I do know my body is telling me something, stop eating certain foods perhaps, and I want to know what. So today I have another doctors appointment, and I would like to get it sorted. If I can pinpoint a food group or type that is causing this un-comfort, than good, I will stop eating it.

If nothing can be found {again} I am leaning towards making my own rules. I have resisted so far, not wanting to have to give anything up – a 2yr old tantrum of sorts – ‘why me, why can’t I eat…, why do I have to be the one…’. But really – I am almost 37 – I don’t need to have these sort of tantrums…and my body does not really need to eat ‘those’ sort of foods. There is so much evidence out there that its not good for you – I just need to toughen up and listen.

So to 2013 – while I don’t really do resolutions, this year will be about finding out what makes me feel good and what doesn’t, doing what keeps me healthy and leads me to live a long and happy life. Cos really that is all that anyone wants.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    January 3, 2013 2:43 pm

    Hope you start feeling better soon:) A new year and all that!

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