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No sea breeze where I dwell…

January 1, 2013

*edited to add* I wrote this on Sunday, and why it didnt publish is beyond me – so here it is a few days late 🙂

Just popping in quickly to say ‘hi we’re home’, and the sea breeze filled tent home has been packed away.

it was a lovely holiday, one that I enjoyed immensely, but one that I was happy to head home from.

I am just checking in today to tell future Lea how I finally said ‘no more’ to the bickies and goodies and evil food stuff that holidays bring – and started fresh.

I tracked, I took all my own food out, I had a healthy lunch and dinner,I drank green tea and water {not quite 2lt yet – need to build up…} and I said ‘no thanks’ to cake and Hot chips!

A day to be pleased about. It only needed a walk to finish it off, but lets not rush into everything at once huh?

Tomorrow, being NYE, I plan on doing the same, and NY day etc etc…. for I have a wee bit of motivation – a formal dinner to attend. Now I know I wont be a super slender size 2 by the time the date rolls by, but I do want to be feeling oh so much better, healthier, fitter and less sluggish than I do now.

And there is only one way of feeling all that… CUTTING OUT THE CRAP FOOD – STARTING NOW. {that yell was for me…}

So onto tomorrow, beginning with a walk and ending with a healthy meal to see the new year in 🙂

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