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A holiday plan to stay active and healthy

December 14, 2012

Woo Hoo… 5 days in a row exercising! So pleased.

This morning I headed out early, and walked 6.92km in the steamy morning air  {darn, should of walked to the end of the street and back to round out the figure… I like neat, rounded out numbers – its my personality type} I was a ball of sweat when I arrived home! As always I listened to a podcast of  ‘Conversations on 891 radio’ – and this morning was a guy from the CIA who has written a book. So interesting!


Tomorrow we are heading off on a two week holiday to the BEACH! Where I know I will be able and willing to do something really active every day. We have most of my family coming along too, so there will be babysitters everywhere. Here are some of the activities I plan on doing:

  • walking along the beach – either morning and/or night
  • swimming in the ocean
  • riding my bike with J to work with him some mornings
  • circuit workouts with my sister {yes?} and J
  • swimming in the pool
  • walking round the caravan park

My goal is to exercise or be highly active each day, as more often than not and as we all know….holidays are indulgent…. and I know what my family eats like, so I know in advance what I will need to do to keep weight gain under control. We are away for Christmas Day, and that day will not be ignored in the activity stakes! We have some fun family beach activities planned for Chrissy day, and the exercise part should be taken care of with just that – more on that later though!

I am trying to not set too many tough food ‘rules’ for this holiday, as I know from the past that I don’t usually follow them – then I get sad, frustrated then angry that I didn’t maintain the ‘control’ I wanted too. And that is not what I am trying to achieve in my life/weight loss/maintenance of health, so this time its not no rules but there are some guidelines I want to follow.

They are:

  • Include veggies at tea… this can often slip when we are away camping, as space is limited to store very much. So I plan of shopping a bit more often to keep the supply small but fresh. Also my mums style of cooking is lovely…but very high in saturated fats, which leave me feeling so rotten. At least if I have veggies I can half fill my plate with them and have a smaller serving of the goodness of mum’s cooking. {mental note: pack veggie steamer…}
  • Eat some form of veggie at lunch too – be it a handful of carrot sticks, some snow peas. If we can muster a salad including the leftovers from tea the night before – bonus!
  • Don’t have bickies at breakfast with your coffee – yes I know they will be there in their cute little clear container staring me in the face while I stir…. but it does not mean they need to be consumed so early in day.
  • Keep snacking low. This is a mega trap on holidays… the chips come out, the biscuits come out, the dips and cheese and fun meats… oh my! They will be around, but I do not have to eat them each time they arrive. My mum loves to make others happy, and if that means a good plate of baked goods brings a smile then they will be on the table. Warm. I know this, I am aware, I need to stay aware.

So what do you think… enough small guidelines to keep me going without missing out on anything?

I think with the activity and being more conscious of what is on my plate, my fork, in my hand and ultimately being popped into my mouth I can come out the other side of this holiday feeling strong and healthy, rather than sad and frumpy.

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    December 17, 2012 10:34 am

    Good guidelines!! Similar to mine!! I’ll bring healthy snacks when we visit!!

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