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Kindle vs Books and 4 days.

December 13, 2012

I have it planned to head to the pool again tonight, to do their aqua blast class. A simple form of working out and nothing that gets my heart racing as much as an intense Step or Pump class, but I like it, my legs feel good when doing it. This will make 4 days in a row of exercise, and tomorrow in the AM I have a 6km walk planned. Making that 5workouts this week. 🙂

While I am doing far less fitness-y workouts like I was at the gym, I am happy to be doing what I am. It may not equal massive weight loss wait… that never happened even when doing those big, long, high intensity workouts so who am I kidding. I am happy to be active and able to walk where I want, when I want. And that’s a great thing to have in this life. One day time permitting, children permitting, study and life permitting I may be able to all that {again} but for now I am good with what I am up to.

Keeping up the daily activity is important, and I need to keep it up. I say this often I know, but sometimes my brain fails to register this… so I need to keep reminding myself however I can.

Edited to add: I have been and come back from the pool and it was delightful to drop into cool water when the day has been so damn warm and humid. I almost gave up on the idea, stating too much to do, but then I talked myself out of doing such a long workout as originally planned and just focused on getting out for 1/2 hr. Also the kids were in bed super early {boy are they tired crabby from the year at school…} so I had no real excuse really. Feeling of happiness washing over me right now…


After school I took the girls to the local public library. Miss L’s class was supposed to go there today to do fun things for their school break-up, but the 38° day killed that idea, and I felt bad for her to miss out of end of school year fun. The local librarians did go above and beyond and organized to COME to the school instead with loads of things to do, so they didn’t miss out altogether. So us heading there after school made it feel so much better, plus it was a prime opportunity to gather some new books to read while away.

And once I had walked in… I remembered how much I love the place, how many books you can read without paying for them and how the Kindle just does not have that same sense of thrill about it like the smell of pages a book-held-in-your-hand does.

I missed the place.

And I grabbed myself a book.

One I have wanted to read for a while, but didn’t want to pay the $8.16 kindle price for it. I don’t have the funds for every book I wish to read!

While I love the kindle for its easy use, lightweight and ability to hold many many books in cute folders – nothing beats a real book!

I also got the girls a large pile of books, a couple of CD’s DVD’s too…. we are set for a holiday of reading {a pile so large that I am betting we never get through them all!}

Lovely books

Lovely books

Marshmallow fun for school break-up parties

Marshmallow fun for school break-up parties

Anyway the kids mucked around a bit, probably due to way way waaaay too much sugar that goes hand in hand with school end of year parties and handouts. So by the time we were ready to come home I was more than ready to leave the place.

Ahh good parenting moments in time.

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