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5:45am and 25 mins

December 13, 2012

When my alarm went off at 5:40am this morning, I did stop for a second and think “nah I will do it later”… and then laid there and tried to find a good reason not to work out early this morning.  And while I could think of many – all them had opposite good reasons not to.

Then I thought of this little blog, and how I put that picture about working out for only 20 mins is better than 0…. so I dragged my arse outta bed and got dressed to go for a walk.

Here is what I saw on leaving the house – gorgeous huh??

early morning

I only had 25mins to be out and about, as J is leaving for work earlier than normal at the moment. So I set my timer for 12 mins and walked away from the house until it beeped, then turned and walked back. Once home I did 3 sets of  ab work, push ups and squats with 3kg weight in each hand.  I also did some really long stretching and foam roller-ed my very sore right leg muscles {I think they all get fatigued still due to that hamstring injury way back in early May}

And then I felt so damn GOOD! Smug too, for I can spend the whole day rejoicing that my workout is done!

When I checked FB a few minutes later I saw a picture posted that looked almost identical to mine… so I messaged her and we chatted about how good it is to work out in the AM… and her picture was taken 3 mins after mine!


Edited: this is now yesterdays post… I got busy. So in the interest of keeping my blogging up to date and not having half done post lying about all over the place I am just going to post and move on. Much like eating an unhealthy meal that makes you feel bad 😉 … Except what this post is about made me feel great!

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