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Remind me again…

December 11, 2012

This viral gastro thing going round has hit the family again – this time my mum. Which is unfortunate as I was just unlocking the door to her house to spend an hour on her treadmill doing a workout much like the one in this post, when she opened the door looking terrible.

I backed away quickly, headed home and slumped in my desk chair to ponder what to do next. I had stayed at school reading to Miss A longer than normal – drawing  pictures with her and her friends, safe in the knowledge that even though it was a hot day I had a cool house and a pool to do my work out in. So once that little plan was squashed and then of course it was later than I wanted to be out exercising in the sun, I had lost my mojo. Sigh. I seem to lose it rather fast recently.

Anyway, I changed into normal human clothes and headed to the shops to finish my chrissy shopping. Better to be productive at something than nothing, right? Thankfully, everything I wanted was in one shop and I even did my grocery shopping too. Two things of my job list Done!

Just exercise to go… and now it would have to be in the evening… my most hated time.


Tonight we cooked lasagne for tea, and while it was delicious with a salad, it ended up sitting in my tummy like a lump of rocks. Bleughh.

After we had eaten I even went and laid on the couch and had a 10min snooze! Something I never do. Perhaps it was avoidance of that exercise???

So J pulled me out of my slump and made us all go on a family walk along our creek. I remembered to grab my iPod and earphones, for the hardest part is getting out the door, knowing that after 5 mins out I would want to continue on – which I did. I thanked him the whole time for ‘making’ me walk… he knows me so well – and for that I am truly appreciative!

I said the other day that I need to get out each day, and I do. It helps me be a better human being, a better mum, a better wife. I know this like I know I need to drink water…. but I need to remind myself this all the time as it is the thing that I seem to conveniently{?} forget. Perhaps a note on the fridge is what I need to remind me this each day??

Tonight I plan on an early bed time, and am getting up early to do a quick walk/run and be home to finish my workout once J has left for work. He is leaving early at the moment so if I want to do this I need to be up early too!

Time to sign off a happier person to go and complete the 3 jobs left on my list…. an email I dont want to write, a letter for our house-sitter and wrapping the last of the Chrissy gifts.

Then BED!


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