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Nice nights and crappy Pizza….

December 7, 2012


Today is cleaning-up-the-mess-that-I-have-been ignoring too-busy-to-do-anything-about day! Woot. How exciting!

Actually it is kinda exciting, for I hate living like this.

Yesterday, after dropping the kids off to school, finally at 11.30am, I visited my mum at her work for a chat. Then wandered into my Auntie’s work {also at the same shopping centre} and had a chat with her. Browsed a few shops, and then did an hours work for my mum. Then it was time to pick up the kids.

I had a lovely relaxing afternoon, with no pressure to be anywhere.

Just what I needed.


Then it was on to the kids school Christmas concert, which was great, and fantastic to see them all enjoying themselves so much. The weather yesterday was 30° and the evening was a balmy 25°… just amazing! We ordered Pizza for tea {not the best one I have ever had…which is a shame really to waste a treat meal on crappy food} and munched it while watching. Our kids ran around like they owned the place 😉 eating Wizz Fizz and drinking Fanta by the can. Oh yes a rare evening indeed!



This morning we lazed in bed for longer than usual, as J is on ‘work experience’ at a local Police station and is doing a night shift tonight, and is not starting till 3pm…. ahh like the old cheffing days!

Even though it was later than I normally go, I still got up and went for a walk, dragged myself out the door for what was meant to be a 30 min walk… then became a 50 min walk. It was a lovely morning, but the sun was a little hot when I returned – it going to be 36° here today.

I have eaten a healthy breakie, and am about to go clean up my kitchen and make my lunch ready for when I am hungry. I am back onto my normal eating style, and having had a reminder last night at how ‘those foods’ {pizza etc} really make me feel, I am keen to get back to feeling not like a slug again.

Have a lovely day!


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  1. December 7, 2012 11:06 am

    I don’t like to feel like a slug either. Especially for bad pizza:)

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