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Fast train to no-where.

November 30, 2012

I have so much information of what I need to get done spinning round my head, that the other night I dreamed I was sitting on top of a fast moving train going in and out of tunnels, round large bends all with the wind streaming past me….. how I held on I do not know.

This was a clear sign to me…. of too much happening… and my subconscious telling me to get organised or I am going ot wind up feeling the strain. So I grabbed a spare note book and began to write out all I have to do. Splitting the bigger things up into days so that I can evenly fulfill all my commitments. I keep adding bits to my main list as I clear the head space and am able to remember new stuff.

Again today I have crazily run from one end of my little world to the other today – rushing rushing rushing…

I got lots done, but was arriving later than I wanted to at each thing – always apologising. Which is never any fun.

I was also coming home and dumping all that I had bought {chrissy} and gathered from others and now my house is a BIGGER mess than it was yesterday. Sigh.

Tonight I am off to a Christmas Dinner – with my WW working team. It should be a nice night, and I hope an early one.

I have mucho to do again tomorrow, including an application to begin Uni again!

*noise of skidding to a halt*


Yes what I hear you say… this time it will be a different degree, one that I can see on reading the details already is everything I like doing {ie no Chemistry} and one I hope will fit me better. More on that another time tho….



Today I tracked all my food in advance and then took all my own food with me on my errands. Not even shopping with a grumbling tum made me purchase anything that was not on my tracker. Took a bit of effort, but I feel better for it.

Still no exercise for me, too much to do, too much to squeeze in – but I plan on doing it tomorrow morning, much like I planned to this morning…. hmmmm


Right off to unpack the shopping, feed the family, shower and head out myself.

Have a lovely night!

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