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Excuses and hot sticky days

November 29, 2012

I am feeling a bit more at peace this morning. A good nights sleep does wonders…

Its late now, and I am hurridly typing this to be able to get on with other bits and bobs… like housework…boo.

Today was a HOT day, 40° or so, with mega humidity {well for adders anyway} And once again I was busy – not rushing around but still had every hour booked up with doing something.

Once I had done my school swimming/watching duty I hurried home to wait out the 3hr delivery window for our new fridge. {Which is lovely, and exactly the same as the old one – just made 10years later and hopefully will stay cold!} I hung about at home waiting and also quickly visited my sister and chatted with her about my future career choices. After the delivery was done, there was a short time at home again for some washing& hanging and folding of stuff bought in –  then straight onto school run. And due to that high temp and strong weather systems I promised the kids an evening at my parents pool. Where I helped to cook tea for everyone, then cleaned up the BBQ, kitchen and pool area. Sigh. By this time it was 7.30pm…and I was still working for others.

So to even out the fun I quietly slipped on my bathers and slipped into the pool. Ahhh Bliss! Finally some time for me, and I would not let the kids in. What a meanie huh??

Now we are home, later than I wanted to, but hey its the end of the year and we are all pushing the limits on tiredness.



Yesterday I did something I never thought I would do – I bought myself a digital body/bathroom scale.

Shock. Horror.

It the first set of bathroom scales I have ever  owned. Which I find amazing really, being 36yrs old, but when I think about how long I have been weighing at WW…. since I was 20yrs old, well, I have had no need for my own set.

But now I do. For the next 5 weeks I am unable to go to my regualar meeting that I volunteer at. I know I said yesterday I was confused about it all, I still am – but I dont need to be gaining weight during this confusing and WW absent time either. So I plan to weigh in each wednesday as usual.

Another need – my meeting is at 6pm at night – and I hate weighing in at night. So I will weigh in the AM, and I plan to carry this on once I go back {or once I decided if I am going back}

So today I weighed… and was pleased to see a number that reflects how I am feeling.

Then I went on to eat, and eat, and eat. Picking at all these crazy things. Mainly due to the fact that we have nothing fresh in the house…. see above Fridge isssues… Somewhat due to seeing a better number. Hmmmm. So now I feel a bit yucky – and a bit cranky, but I am super keen to get to the shops tomorrow and put some lovely fresh fruit and veggies in this clean and fresh fridge, so that my eating can match how I feel. Good and healthy.

Exercise has been a bit lacking – many excuses reasons…uh… heat, busyness, husband leaving early home late etc etc. I feel yuck for not doing anything, and plan to change that tomorrow morning with a walk.


 I hate how disorganised I am feeling at the moment – between the mess of my house, the emptyness of my frige and my sluggish feeling body, I need to spend some time getting things back into the neat and orderly life I love.

Shall I do that after the two xmas dinners? Dancing rehearsals? Kids parties? School swimming? Mum’s group? Family birthdays? or J’s mud run…..

and that is all in the next three days….




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  1. bubblymel permalink
    November 30, 2012 3:43 pm

    Oh I hear ya!! This week has been busy Mon, Tues, and Wednesday with cleaning and tidying up the house for the impending Tupperware party on Wednesday night, sometimes I miss not working fulltime!! Especially when I have to do my housework at night when there are better things (like working out) I could be doing!! Last night I spent on the Couch in front of the TV and Tonight I am visitig a friend who lost her husband 😦

    • November 30, 2012 4:47 pm

      Those damn parties really are hard work – I had a nurti-metics one the other week, first one in 10years I think…. and the last for sometime!

      When working full time it can be tough to balance it all, and as always something has to give and generally its the thing you really! want the most.

      Enjoy your visit with your friend, being there to support her is a lovely thing to do.

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