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November 23, 2012

This time of year is so busy – and I am feeling the pressure. I stood in my kitchen this morning wondering where to begin. I know at the beginning makes sense, but I have so much running round my mind that I am not clear minded enough to start a job and stick to it till the end.

My house is a mess – so I need to begin there. I know that will make my mind rest easier – to be able to focus on other jobs.

So now I am busy cleaning the house {why??} and putting stuff away {again… why??} and I have with me a blank sheet of paper so I can write out the things to do that come to mind as I move from room to room.

And it seems to be working – for I feel clear minded enough to come and type a bit here.


I was up at 6.30am this morning and out on a walk. I felt rotten on waking {up too late…} so I did my usual – 30mins NO MORE. And as usual it worked – I did 40mins very quick pace – and it was lovely. I am really enjoying walking/working out in the outdoors again, and am not missing my gym membership.


Right time to get back to it all!

Have a lovely day – get out and breathe some fresh air and be in the sunlight if you can x


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