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Tuesday – a quiet day

November 13, 2012

Having begun a post talking about how this time of the year is nuts… I remembered a post written but unpublished… See the last one…

and guess what?

Its my 450th post!

Super exciting! I have stuck with this little blog for sometime now and it certainly is a big help to be able to get my thoughts out and onto ‘paper’.

Here’s to many more!


Tuesdays are normally my ‘quieter’ days, the weekend busyness is over, my Monday Mum’s Group and Garden Volunteering {alternate weeks} is done and I can get on with what I, as a stay-at-home-mum, do best…. clean up after all the busy days out having fun. Not that I am complaining really, for I like being busy and being out and about, and I like having a neat/clean/organised home.

Today is shopping, washing, tidying, sorting and phoning day. Paperwork gets sorted, fridges filled, floors cleared and clothes are washed – ready for another busy week.

I also have plenty of time to workout, just like a Michelle Bridges 12wbt workout. Which I just did – on our back patio – in the sun! It was tough but good. I feel so much better.

Right – off to be productive.


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