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Christmas Pageant and Wedding fun!

November 13, 2012

Edited: published a little late….

Happy Sunday morning! I am in a post wedding fog at the moment… not from too much alcohol but from too much tasty, finger licking, finger food.

Smorgasbord’s = leanne’s worst nightmare…. meaning I can.not.stop.picking. And seeing they had platters of dips, cheese’s, cold meats, sausage rolls and wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce – it made for an awesome pick session!

and even as we leftI found myself taking one more scoop of some delicious dip on a ritz cracker.

Really Lea – you needed that at 10pm???

Anyway – its done, and I have to move on.  Today will be an ‘eat what you planned day’ – so I know it will be healthy and filling. I have yet again another busy day, so I am about to prepare all my food to take with me.

Yesterday we were up early to take the kids to the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. Which is always super busy – as in upwards of 25,000 people crammed on either side of the roads lining the route. We were in the city at 7am, in a good position – right on the ‘blue honor line’  and clear view of the fun that was to be presented to us…. in 3.5hr time!!! What you ask? Yep, its a popular pageant and if you wish to a) sit down and b) be at the front – earliness is your key. Some nuts get there at 3am just to get a good pozzie!

While the kids love it – it is a bit of logistical nightmare for parents – Early morning run around getting kids/food/hats/sunscreen/chalk/activities/yourself ready, parking your car for more than 3hrs and risking a fine {for who can leave their pozzie to go and top up the meter?}, the ever dreaded words “I need to go to the toilet” {which are always uttered at busting point and 2 mins before the action starts} then finding a toilet – waiting in the queue with a wiggling, jiggling child {remember 25,000….} and entertaining kids for 3.5hrs in full sun {this year – rain last year} before any of the real action begins.

Its a tough gig for parents to do, but when the pageant starts it is wonderful and the kids really love it.

And they only want to do it for a few years anyway – so I figure I will look back with fondness………….. of this ‘pleasant’ family activity. I was so pleased to have taken them, they were super well behaved – even if I did have them at risk of minor dehydration by only let them sip at their water bottles {no toilet run was going to take place for this solo pageant parent} and they looked like they were enjoying the floats and the fun. But I was SUPER glad to be home – with it done and dusted for another year!

Then we raced Miss A off to a kids party, got dressed up and raced ourselves off to a friends {and distant relative} wedding. Which was a lovely day, with lots of delish foods!.

Bedtime and high heeled shoes kicked off…. was glorious!


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