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Two rolled up into one

November 9, 2012

I really never did mean to let 7 days slide on by before coming back to post. As per normal my days have been filled with lotsa stuff, running here and there, volunteering, kid wrangling, feeling depressed, useless and house work ignoring.

I lay awake yesterday morning at 4am ish till 5am ish debating as to whether or not I should just get up and type out the swirling whirling thoughts, get them out and be able to go back to sleep. I never did tho, just laid there wondering if I should.

This post may be a little rambling… and I am determined not to go back and edit… so bear with – bear with


That was yesterday, and I never did get to push publish on that post…  I did finish it but it didn’t save when I pressed save to draft. Dagnamit! I think I should be typing these in word.


Today I feel better than yesterday, 100% better even than the day before that. I feel like I am coming out of a fog. A depression fog, which seems to be hitting me more and more frequently. And I hate it.

I am pretty sure it has to do with my cycle, and I really need to document each day into a calendar to keep an eye on what’s going on so that I can preempt and be aware of what is about to happen, what is happening and to know that it will soon be over and I can carry on as normal. I need to do this as I am undoing so much good work – health wise, fitness wise and relationship wise with both the kids and husband. At the moment I am feeling almost myself again and I can see that these episodes cant go on  – for I am wasting time doing nothing and being nothing. So having just taken a wee break from this post I Google’d mood diaries, found one I liked, and made my own up to suit my life/what I want to discover, using their template as a rough guide. This energy to change/help myself is something I am finding so interesting, for only 3 days ago this would have been all too hard.

For example – Wed, I did nothing much – read my book, ate a whole box of shapes on my own!! {and a chocolate bar and Hungry Jacks and a sundae.. 😳 } and lamented at how hard my life seems {when really it is not}

Yesterday – Tues – I vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the bathroom and toilet and scrubbed the doors clean of dust and grime, pruned two plants that I have been meaning to do for some time, looked up TAFE studies and applied to 3!, rang about some more volunteering which will hopefully lead to employment in the area I want, baked cakes with the kids and helped them make Jellies, sat and crocheted, exercised, ate healthily, stuck to my PP allowance and tracked it all down.

A marked difference in attitude – and the only bodily difference was the beginning in TTOM. But of high importance I think. I look forward to the knowledge this little tracker will bring!


This morning I woke easily with my alarm and headed out for just a 30min walk. Half way through I decided to do my 5km walk, which is 50 minutes walking – and I loved it. The morning air was cool and still, and I remembered once again that I love walking, in the morning and outdoors.

I am finding my gym really dull at the moment – whether its the fact its indoors or it is just my moods I don’t know, but the motivation to go is just not there. Also this time of year is super busy with the kids school beginning to  finish up, dancing concerts and the Christmas build up – I am finding my days filling up and I am not making it to classes and making excuses to go and ‘do my own thing’. I think after the success of this mornings walk I am going to suspend my membership, and begin walking again most days/mornings.

I have also got an 8 visit pass to Aqua Aerobics – at the swim school my kids go to. If we miss any of their lessons the school will convert them into swim or aqua class passes – which is what I did 8 or so months ago. I used one last night, to see what it was like and to do some exercise rather than none, and I liked it. So to save some $$ and to use up the already spent $$ I am going to use up the rest of the 7 in the next few weeks.

Also, my parents have a perfectly lovely pool and a good treadmill that is on the other side of the door to the pool- see..

So I can workout – while they swim – and I can watch them at the same time… {safety: they are both very good swimmers so I am okay with how ‘far’ away from them I am and the door is open so it is a matter of just jumping off the tready and stepping through the door}

So I can take advantage of this too, especially seeing the school holidays begin soon, and I know they are not the biggest fans of the gyms creche, but they LOVE the pool!

Also when I did Michelle Bridges 12wbt I printed off several workouts to use after I had finished, so I have them too.

I feel good about making this decision, and know that I will carry on with working out through the summer months especially with so many good options available.


Well its time to actually hit publish…

the kids have a pupil free day and have watched tele all morning and are now bugging me – so its time to go and do something more productive and be outside with them.

They have asked to go to spotlight to buy those paper mache reindeer’s {like these}  so they can paint them up for Christmas… and we all know how dangerous on the purse Spotlight can be!

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