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Sleeping soundly?? No I am not.

October 30, 2012

The past two nights I have slept so badly, and upon waking feel groggy and disoriented – and with the strange/bad/horrible dreams I have been having still whirling in my head.

Since heading to bed at 3.30am the other morning after the cast party I have had two sleeps on the couch at 5pm {Sunday for 2+hrs and Monday for 40mins} so obviously I am sleep deficient, but those couch sleeps are keeping me up later {bedtimes at 1am both Sunday and Monday} and causing me to sleep worse in general. Tonight I need to not lay down at that hour and push through till 10:30pm and just go to bed – no TV, no Book, no phone. Hopefully a good nights sleep will leave me feeling refreshed and energized.

Also, I am due for my Chiropractic appointment *sits up straighter* this week, so my neck is pretty sore, achy and fatigued at this time of the appointment cycle anyway –  which could be adding to my tiredness.

I have a super busy weekend, and a would love to be feeling my best for it!


Tiredness also leads to a lack of interest in working out. Yesterday I managed to drag my tired butt to the gym and do my Step/Pump class. I did enjoy it and was happy to have completed it  – but I really needed the push to keep going and stupidly stood near the clock – so I watched it slowly tick down the hour.

{then I went to my mums group and ate a 1/4 of a cob dip and undid it all :mrgreen: }

Today I am struggling, from tiredness and bad food, and it is also 33degrees – which does not help. I have changed my routine round and grocery shopped this morning and plan on going to my parents house to do a Michelle Bridges workout under their pergola, and then jump into the pool to swim a bit and cool off. Then I will pick the kids up from school  – and take them back there for a swim. Perhaps two swims today will make me feel better!

With all this swimming and working out later in the day I plan on being tired enough at 10:30pm to sleep soundly.



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