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Getting back on the bike!

October 24, 2012

I want to ride my bike today, in fact… I need to, and I am going to!

I have not ridden for weeks… months? and I miss it.

I also met someone the other day and when I commented complimented her on her great legs, she replied that is because she rides her bike to work everyday. And I was jealous.

I am not sure which way to go, but I dont want to drive some place first then get on my bike… I just want to ride from my home, out and back. There is a creek below our house, and I have often wondered where it ends up.. so perhaps along there. Or I could go the other way and see where it begins – or at least the way it comes down from the foothills.

I just want to ride.

This want of riding could also come from the fact that I am volunteering with BikeSA in the next few weeks. I saw the advert on a volunteering website, applied and was accepted {is this the right way to put it?}. I really wanted to be part of the ride but knew that with my hamstring injury this year long rides are out, and I figured the next best thing would be to get involved. So on the 4th November I am helping out with Amy’s Ride and on the 25th November I am also helping out with Gear Up Girl , which I participated in back in 2010 {and which is my most viewed post… due to both Gear Up Girl and the Astro Girl costume..}. Both are for a great cause, and I am honored to be able to help.

Tonight I am heading to the briefing sessions, so I will know more about it all later on.


Tracking is moving along nicely. I am still finishing everyday, and while I may not have lost any number weight, I can tell from that photo yesterday in my new/old dress that I have definitely lost cm’s, and that feels great!


Right the washing has ended, time to hang it out and go for a ride!

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