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Sunshine and fairies

October 3, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things after a full on weekend away is often tricky. Mentally and Physically. So yesterday was an easy day for all of us non workers in the house.

The girls watched TV till 11am {the shock the horror of bad lazy normal school holiday parenting} and I faffed about lying in bed till 9am and then on the net till 11am {note the 3! posts yesterday}. I chucked on a load or two of washing – and seeing as they were heavily soiled from wood smoke and dirt, I pushed the stains button on our still-new-and-learning-to work-out front loader…. which had those heavily soiled clothes washing for 2hrs 38 mins! Whoa. So the two loads took over 5hours to wash…. Such a strange thing to work out after 16yrs of having a top loader. I am sure though that those clothes are really clean and sweet smelling again. The delightful spring weather we are having  helps in the ability to dry clothes in under 24hrs and is a blessing.

After the exciting-ness of washing I finally managed to get the kids off the couch, dressed and cleaned up and to put their shoes on {check out this fantastic post on the VERY same thing on my new favourite blog Crappy Pictures} and we stumbled out the door by 1pm… all that only took 2hrs, several ‘we are not going’ moments and the setting of the microwave timer {my last resort that always works} stating that if-they-were-not-ready-by-the-time-it-went-off-we-were-not-going-anywhere….

We headed out to a local museum that runs kids school holiday activities in their beautiful old building, this one a fairy theme, where the girls had a lovely time following the ‘fairy trail’, doing some craft and listening to story time. While they listened I stood and jigsaw-puzzled a fairy puzzle that was conveniently sitting close by, I am not sure if it was intended for kids or bored parents but I liked it. I forget each time how much I love jigsaw puzzles until I shuffle through a box of pieces, and intend on hunting out a few to have on the go.We headed outside to play in their beautiful garden for a time, before popping into a local cafe for a {very… 3pm} late lunch. The girls sat and played in the toy/kids area while I browsed old magazines reading about rubbish. All in all it was a very relaxing afternoon.



Breakie was oats, chopped apple and yogurt. Morning tea was a piece of toast with P.butter, and due to eating such a late and somewhat large lunch of a roast veggie and fetta toasted wrap that was OMG good, I deemed dinner to be light.

I headed to the gym for a 7pm class {which was tough to do, but as always worth it afterward} and came home to finish off a small portion of a Spanish prawn rice dish, and a piece of raisin toast with apricot jam. I wanted more to eat and was wandering the kitchen searching… when J said to me…’you look like your only wanting to eat cos you are bored’ – and he was right, so I listened, made a coffee and took myself off to bed.

I didnt track any foods thinking I ate okay yesterday, but I will now… now that I have written it all out I see that it was a bread/carb rich day with little fruit or veg. Hmmm.

Speaking of tracking, I had a goal to reach 50 days tracking… and was at 28 days when I forgot to log on while camping – which is exactly what I had hoped to avoid! Crapsticks! So I am back to day 1 again :(… on the tracker counter that is… 🙂


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  1. bubblymel permalink
    October 11, 2012 12:49 pm

    Hey that Blog is awesome!! Into the reader it goes!!

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