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School Holidays are here

September 24, 2012

From yesterday… Sunday…

Yep the two week break began on Friday… and they have been pretty busy already.

First up we picked up my nieces from school, after I had picked up my own kids that is… both schools had an early finish, so I helped out my brother and ex-sil and gave my kids a good few hours of playing with cousins. 🙂

We headed straight for a playground and stayed for around an hour, but after visiting the {distant} toilets a few times I declared it was time to head home. Where they went straight outside and played all sorts of made up games on the trampoline. I fed them cheese and Vegemite on Sao’s and then they all begged and pleaded and begged again for a sleepover. Its the school holidays they chanted…. so I caved.

They all slept on swags and spare mattresses on the lounge room floor, falling asleep after a dinner of hot dogs and salad and watching Cat in the Hat.

The next morning it was up early to head to Dance lessons, normally not on in the School hols but due to the competition eisteddfods {which are today} it was an easy way to get in extra practice. Also last day of term is the day us devoted parents are allowed in the rehearsal room to see what our lovelies have been learning. My nieces were still with us for some of the dancing, and complained mightily when their mum turned up to take them home.

But we were to see them again in only a few hours, as next it was off to my nephew’s {of my other brother} birthday party. This was being held at our local {outdoor but heated} pool, and seeing this is JUST the beginning of the warm weather we were hesitant when the invites came out two weeks ago if the weather would be nice enough to swim. Amazingly though Adelaide turned on a pearl-er of a day and it got to 27deg for a short while…. before strong winds bought clouds and rain over. It was so damn nice to have warm weather… you realise how much you miss it! The kids all had a great time swimming and zooming down the water slides.

A hastily arranged dinner at the parents, and a watch of the footy game where this team was playing ended our very long day.


Today we have to head of to the dance competitions… which, at the moment, I have packed nothing. All of the costume gear is close, and in bags  – but not named or ironed. So I had best get my arse into gear and go get ready.

The comps go from 1pm-7pm… so I also need to be organised with food, as there is nothing close by to run off to get, no time allowed for that and as parking is rotten I am being dropped off – so no car. I have just had a delicious egg, bacon, mushroom and toast breakie, and am planning on having a bigger lunch before I go of leftover curry and rice, and then when I get home a serve of soup to finish the day. Snacks are a vanilla yogurt, a banana and an apple. After eating not a huge amount of extra, but certainly picking at bit ands bobs, at the party and at my mums house yesterday, I am need of a simple food day. Water is essential too, and I plan on taking a thermos cup and a few green tea bags in case I spy a kettle anywhere. I am also taking my crochet along, that should keep my fingers busy.

I plan on going for a walk when I get home, it may be dark but if I stick to my local area and I should be okay. I figure after 7 hours of girls, costumes, dance mums and busyness I will need that short time alone and moving to restore some zen to the mind 🙂

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