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Weigh In Wednesday

September 12, 2012

It’s been weighing {tee hee} on my mind all week – that gain of 2.4kg last week. I have been steadily doing the right things to achieve a weight loss of 5kg by Jan, and was half way there…. till I gained that pesky, huge number and put me right back at the very start again. I was so angry I was fired up enough to take action. A wake up call if you will.

Last week I laughed all through the whole meeting at how ridiculous gaining 2.4kg in one week was. Cos really, that much? In a week?  Albeit a hugely busy week, one where I ran around too much – hardly stopping to eat anything half way decent- picking at bits here and there. And there was my problem. A lack of normal meals, a lack of fruit and veg, a lack of water drunk, a lack of fibre. But lots of salt, sugar and white carbs – all adding up to one huge bloat. I knew it wasnt really a ‘fat’ gain – but a big bloating gain. But while I laughed and tossed out comments like ‘it will be gone next week’ ‘its cook, I’ve had gains this large before, it wont affect me’….

……a teeny tiny part of me quietly thought and worried that what if it did hang around? What if it did not shed off with normal eating? What if I now had to work doubly hard to re-get rid of that hard won 2.4kg?

So I put my nose down, prepared early in the day my lunches, had dinners ready to go on time and carried water everywhere. Logged onto my tracker and laced my sneakers up more than I have been – hitting the streets to walk in the glorious sun.

And then tonight – just as I was leaving to go to WW – the panic hit again… the what ifs started up…the thoughts on how I would mentally handle it… the doubt that I could carry on if I didnt see a number difference. I really didnt believe I could mentally carry on…..

And then tonight….when I hopped on the scales I saw that I had lost 2.2kg of that gain!! Yahhooo. I had done it. There is still a bit left over, but i reckon I can get rid of that next week – if I carry on doing all the things i need to do, and I am sure I can.



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